Wan Optimization

Need to Use Wan Optimization?

Optimization approach for faster delivery of any application through the Hybrid WAN. With WAN optimization, you get greater insight into application and network performance and end-user experience. By Network Combination, Application and end-user performance metrics for deep insight, IT can fix problems and troubleshoot them before the customer is affected.

Taking advantage of the application-aware approach of the solution, the most complete collection of network services and path selection based on purpose-oriented, business-driven, global policies with local compliance, you have also significantly improved control to allow agility for business.

What is a WAN accelerator?

A WAN accelerator reduces the amount of data required to flow back and forth across the WAN with the use of caching and data compression. A WAN accelerator essentially works by storing duplicate files (or parts of files) so that they can be indexed in global cache instead of being sent across the WAN again. WAN accelerators effectively trade off network I/O for disk I/O, thus significantly improving the performance of data transfers over the network is therefore significantly enhanced in circumstances where bandwidth is the primary bottleneck.

Traffic Shaping

Traffic shaping is about controlling the average data transfer rate. The shaping of traffic reduces congestion before the hosts submit those data limit speeds. When transmitting the file, this certain limit may be of concern but plays a vital role in transmitting real time data (audio, video, etc.).

Data Deduplication

Deduplication is a term used by the computing industry to "delete duplicates" and, as this odd word means, it is a method that searches a hard drive or storage device to locate and eliminate duplicate files— essentially reducing the amount of storage needed for a given data set. Of additional data the "reclaimed" storage is then available. The net result of deduplication is to increase the capacity available and perhaps forestall the need to buy additional capacity. It is obviously a reasonable indicator of green to take.

Data Compression

Is a reduction in the amount of bits needed to display the data. Compressing data can save storage capacity, speed up file transfer and reduce hardware storage and network bandwidth costs. Compression is performed by a program using a formula or algorithm to determine how to compress the data size.

Protocol Spoofing

Protocol Spoofing is an important component of data communications which helps improve performance. This technological aspect comes as an effective solution particularly in situations where high error levels and long delays do not adequately define an existing protocol.

Data Caching

Caching servers have built-in intelligence to store the most recent and commonly requested information, thus unnecessarily preventing future requests from crossing a WAN / Internet connection. Caching servers hold a time stamp for their last data update. If the time stamp on the page has not changed since the last time a user accesses the page, A local cached copy of the Web page will be provided by the caching system, saving time to load the page over the Internet.

Advantages of WAN Optimization Solutions

  • Have the best end-user experience with accelerated performance across all applications across the Hybrid WAN.
  • Quicker problem solving with enhanced IT visibility in program, network and end-user experience.
  • Gain further control with a streamlined, wizard-like approach that converts business purpose into application-centered service policies and automatically extracts all possible accessibility-based network path possibilities.


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