Cloud Computing

Moving to the cloud is the best option

High Tech Enterprise provides a set of variety cloud services. Our area of expertise consists of hybrid solutions integrating cloud and data storage solutions with customer owned and operated equipment, whether settled in our data centers or yours.

Our consultants help you to create the best solution for your IT environment taking into consideration that we are carrier neutral which for that reason we have access to all carries starting from the locals, regional and national carriers.

Best definition for Cloud computing

Our high technology cloud deployment allows customers to store, process and manage data for rapid running of applications which we call “Data Acceleration Theory” for better performance and less maintenance. Protection and backup are two important factors that are combined to ensure that our data are safe from all kinds of disasters starting from the natural disaster, power failure or other crisis) Having your data stored in the cloud ensures it is backed up and protected in a secure and safe location to conduct your business as usual.

Discover Your Cloud Strategy

The answer to your enterprise or corporate strategy is to move to the cloud, so you can realize cloud benefits such as:

No space or hardware is needed anymore… you are one click away to expand your IT capacity and functionality without the 1990s headache of having on ground hardware.


With our professional carriers; your vital systems are protected from the loss of data and no thief is capable of reaching out to them however they try to.

Reachable and easy-to-use

Awareness and enablement are our job to make sure that your team can run apps and access data whenever and wherever needed.


In the matter of short time you can start running new services and functionality... in a single glass of pane, depends upon our recommendation and features provided.

Data protection

Once we apply our strategies then the phrase “data loss” will be removed from your dictionary because we always have more plans to keep your data stable and protected under any kind of disaster.

Cost effective

Only the capacity you use, you are going to pay for.

Benefits of cloud solutions

One of the motives to adopt cloud computing is the potential to deliver cost savings as well as agility, increased productivity and efficiency improvements. The ability to deliver better service for less. Obviously, business benefits can also be realized by adopting cloud to include better and easier procurement, improved quality of service and greater security.

Cloud computing is now an integral part of the government’s ICT Strategy. It transforms ICT from a high-risk capex item to a business enabler. By using cloud computing to store, manage and process data, you can reduce or remove the need to use your own local servers or dedicated servers provided and managed by a third-party.

Dependable could solution providers can smoothly flex and adapt as requirements evolve and the good thing is that those cloud solution providers don’t lock you into long-term contract since most of them are yearly/monthly subscription. As well as they don’t charge set-up cost or obligate any minimum contract term

G-Cloud is one of the compliant frameworks which services can be contracted, ordered and set-up in hours or days rather than old school months. The G-cloud framework complies with the OJEU and regularly updated to ensure that all new things that the market has to offer is available to the public sector.

What our clients’ request can be met cost-effectively, for example instead of taking 24x7 you can choose 8x5; and you can support unpredictable workloads with no need for over-provision. Another fact of reducing the cost is that we can give our consultancies in areas like usage-based pricing, for example we make our calculations for the usage of the cloud deployment for sure with the help of our client to determine the need in the time being then in the future you can upgrade the usage according to the growth of the business. In fact, costs as well for such plan-oriented commercial models are transparent, which gives you the ability to clearly track costs and budget.

Once implementing cloud solution, then you adhere to initiatives like Cloud First, The drastically reduced procurement and deployment times offered by cloud services can also support reduced application development lead times as you migrate transactional services online in-line with ‘digital by default’ standards.

No need anymore for the in-house resources, while the headache is on the service providers in order to meet the very high levels of data center, service and data security required. And what we classify as OFFICIAL, it must be handled very carefully in the data center and the service provides must be able to provide evidence of such security level.

Not only cost is being reduced but energy consumption, as well as sustainable procurement and smarter hardware utilization. Some cloud providers also have CarbonNeutral® Company status and operate data centers with a low carbon footprint and low PUE rating. Some services are also certified as CarbonNeutral® cloud services.


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