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Think Global, Host Local

Leverage High-Tech infrastructure to provide optimum speed and reliability for your application to customers and visitors. Driven by two strategically placed data centers in Iraq, and linked through comprehensive and effective public and private networks, our hosting solutions are where your application needs to be.

How are High Tech dedicated servers different?


Our servers are built, assembled and maintained by our teams to provide you with customized project configurations.


To ensure continuity of service for your customers, you benefit from a stable, high-resilience network!


You are developing a stable technology framework for your business applications by creating an infrastructure with High Tech dedicated servers.

Empower your Application and Business

• No matter where you want to host with High Tech, our network guarantees that your applications allow high capacity, low latency and reliability. Our public network provides general Internet access, our out - of-band private network links your servers to each other, and our storage area network (SAN) provides secure transport to large volumes of storage blocks.

Three Independent Networks
  • Up to 500 Mbps Public Network Out
  • Secure Out-of-Band Private Network
  • Independent Storage Area Network (SAN)
Content Delivery Network
  • Automatic content distribution
  • DNS and DDoS Protection

Simple Solutions for Complex Projects

• We help our customers understand their infrastructure's strength by not only providing the equipment they need, but also the know-how and technical support to achieve their goals in the most reliable and cost-effective way possible.

Do more with High Tech
  • HTTP Load Balancing.
  • Offloaded MySQL service.
  • Offsite Backup for critical data.
  • Custom Distribution and Kernel Support.
Tools to get the job done
  • Full Root SSH access.
  • Free Server Monitoring.
  • Uptime monitoring with SMS alerts.

Iraq Top-rated 24 / 7 / 365 Technical Support

To bring real business value to your infrastructure the "set it and forget it" strategy just won't work, you need to maintain and automate it constantly. So that you don't have to do in-house. Both High Tech services are completely operated, ensuring you can get a professionally designed and optimized hosting system customized for your particular project at no additional cost and unlimited 24/7 multi-level technical expert help.

Find out more about the High Tech dedicated hosting solution

The key reason to adopt cloud computing is the ability to offer cost savings as well as agility, enhanced productivity and improved performance. The desire to offer greater service for less. Many significant business benefits, however, can also be realized by embracing cloud to include faster and simpler procurement, enhanced service quality, and increased protection.

A dedicated server, or computing server, is a device where all the machine's physical resources reside. Unlike a virtual server, which uses a portion of the resources to run the virtualization technology, a dedicated server allows you to take advantage of all the RAM, storage and processing power available on the computer With cloud computing, we can also describe this type of solution as "bar metal," in contrast to traditional solutions based on virtual instances, emphasizing the physical availability of the machine's resources.

The settings used by our dedicated hosting service are customized to the needs of the field. You can need a system with more RAM, greater storage space or a higher processing speed, depending on your use. In addition, the different server ranges dedicated to High Tech are characterized by their bandwidth capacity and the variety of associated services. A private network (vRack) with a maximum capacity of 10 Gb / s to connect your dedicated server to your networks, or even RAID hardware. Select the server which suits your needs.

A dedicated server has many uses: Big data, machine learning, website and application management, backups and storage, virtualization of resources, server clusters, business applications (CRM, ERP), and even online game management. That is why we offer many dedicated server ranges, each designed for a particular set of needs. Our sales and support staff can assist you with your project, and will provide expert advice on which server to pick.


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