Enterprise Network Solutions

Data Center Networks

Data Center Network (DCN) is essentially the backbone of every data center. It serves as the bridge between all of the data center resources components. Besides the need for reliability, DCNs do need to be flexible and agile to connect hundreds or even thousands of servers to meet increasing computing demands. With loads of experience implementing various data center network scales we can help businesses achieve optimum performance. High Tech Enterprise offers services for LAN, Data Centers, and Disaster Recovery sites to build and deploy core business networks.

Campus Area Network

Campus Area Network (CAN) is a concept widely used to describe a computer network that links several buildings and primarily includes two or more local area networks within a particular geographic region. Campus Area Networks can usually be located in corporate campuses, college campuses, office buildings, industrial parks, military bases and other similar campus areas. High Tech Enterprise helps develop and deploy large architecture campus networks that cover several levels of network equipment helping to ensure readily accessible, scalable and secure networks.

Wireless and Mobility

Wireless networking (commonly known as WiFi connectivity) is a term used to describe the method used by households, businesses and telecommunications companies to avoid costs and complications associated with the introduction of cables into a building or as a means of connectivity between different locations and devices. High Tech Enterprise helps build (Heat Map Surveys), implementing safe wireless network for data and voice traffic that integrates seamlessly with the core network allowing consumer mobility.

Network Management

Network management is the term used to define a collection of activities which are appropriate for the management of any computer network. High Tech Enterprise is collaborating with its partners to create a framework to monitor network performance and to manage the network from a central configuration.

Software Defined Networks

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a new technique that network administrators use to manage network infrastructure via a higher-level abstraction of functionality. High Tech Enterprise is one of the region's very few system integrators that can provide full infrastructure and applications for SDN implementation.

Unified Communication Solutions

Unified Communications (UC) refers to a broad integration of Instant Enterprise Communications Services such as Presence Information, IM (Chat), Voice Services such as IP Telephony, Enterprise Mobility Features (such as Extension Mobility), Web Conferencing, Audio / Video Conference Services, Fixed-mobile Convergence, Instant Desktop and Data Sharing, Real-time Whiteboards and Call Controlling. Unified communications is also responsible for identification of speech along with off-line communications services including unified messaging (integrated voicemail, email, fax and text messaging). We have in-house skill sets to incorporate various communication modes into the network architecture helping customers to achieve unified communications.


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