Collaboration Solutions

Collaboration Solutions

We are implementing integrated technologies that allow knowledge sharing, resulting in faster decision-making and improved responsiveness–the basis for successful business. Collaboration Technology blends a rich tradition with a vision of what brings out the best of people through communication solutions.

Our customers trust us to create collaborative solutions that enable knowledge sharing through the efficient use of collaborative technologies, all designed to deliver better experiences.

The way we work has changed

Do you work exactly the same way you did ten years ago? 5? Harvard Business Review surveyed business leaders from around the world about how teamwork within their organizations is evolving.


say “effective team communication” has become more important over the past two years.


are investing in easier-to-use collaboration solutions.


report that collaboration with external parties has increased in importance.

Why Collaboration?

Collaboration Solutions that provide a simple, interactive way for dispersed teams to communicate visually, collaboratively and efficiently, allowing full use of in-person resources. It's not just for the boardroom and corporate offices anymore. Using solutions like TelePresence and Video Collaboration Systems on desktops, mobile devices and team rooms, teams can quickly collaborate and solve on the-fly issues. The in-person capacity will help you transform your business processes, from customer service to supply chain management to training.

Customer Collaboration

Helps companies and organizations offer digital experience linked to each other. You will provide your customers with descriptive, continuous, and high-capability journeys. Fault tolerance helps ensure smooth operation, and detailed reporting provides business intelligence for improving the contact center.

Collaboration Endpoints

Enjoy an on-board collaborative experience that is easy to use, touch-based, and of high quality. Everything you need for team cooperation, all at the touch of a finger. And you can use the tools of your choosing to connect to your virtual teams outside of the physical room. Bring more flexibility and intelligence into conference rooms. New technologies allow for even smarter meetings and better integration of rooms and apps –further removing barriers to video use.

Unified Communications

Bring people together with our integrated shared network for voice and video communication, messaging, and connectivity anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


Offers you more secure collaboration from desktops es, mobile devices, or meeting rooms. Bring employees, customers, and partners together to collaborate from anywhere with highly scalable voice, video, and content sharing.

Your office is everywhere

Ongoing meetings are the new norm. Enjoy seamless collaboration and the same rich, lifelike experience on mobile for productive team meetings with live content annotation and enterprise-grade security wherever you roam.

Real-as-life collaboration

Transform long distance meetings into productive working sessions. Our solutions for telepresence create an immersive, human connection that is as normal, personal and successful as sitting in the same room.

Where we make an impact

In every business, communication and collaboration play an important role; they underpin how we work together, get things done and satisfy our customers. Our focus at High Tech Enterprise is to help you get right UC and Collaboration to deliver the real business effect:

Make it easier for the people to connect and reduce weak communication inefficiencies.

by enriching conversations with media and video, by enabling instant chat and allowing virtual teams to work better together

by enriching conversations with media and video, by enabling instant chat and allowing virtual teams to work better together
by enabling your people to communicate and collaborate from any location, on any device.

by removing silos, simplifying integration and enabling centralised, managed and cloud deployments.

Benefits of Collaboration

In order to realize the full potential of video, an organization must have confidence in its telepresence and video collaboration solution. The technology must offer high-quality audio and video with minimal latency in connections, and it must also be user friendly. Video Collaboration Solutions can provide with a significant positive business impact, including improved real-time communication and collaboration with colleagues, prospects, and partners even if they are in opposite hemispheres. With video collaboration solutions:

A cohesive company culture can be hard to maintain when employees are spread around the world. With the proposed solutions, the employees begin to see remote colleagues for the first time.

Removing telepresence from the constraints of the boardroom can also mean getting it out into the field.

Concerns over work/life balance and environmental sustainability are promoting the rise of telework programs around the world.

Desktop video collaboration technology can play an important role in business continuity plan.

the proposed telepresence and video solutions help reduce decision-making cycles and delays by increasing collaboration with tools that are both simple and effective.

Relying on international and trans-continental travel continues to become a very expensive and time-consuming way to do business

The solutions can provide faster and more effective collaboration on new products and ideas, which can help you get your products to market faster than the competition.


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