IT Services

Are you frustrated with technical issues?

High-Tech combines individuals, systems, and infrastructure with strategic planning. We deliver strategic advisory services that fulfill the company goal of sustainable growth with a competitive edge to add value to client businesses. With our unrivaled experience we introduce the latest technological innovations and industry-tested practices.

Network and Systems Configuration and Installation

High-Tech provides customer interaction networks and computer engineers with the function of installing hardware, configuring applications and loading information addressing the network. The installation is centered and surrounded by our engineers and ensures all functions electronically, and a network connection is achieved.

IT Services can help with:

  • Increase ROI with our Managed IT Services
  • Increase uptime with reduced running costs and extended value
  • Protect your machine with Managed Antivirus Firewall Intrusion Detection
  • Secure your PC & Servers with our Managed Backup Solutions

Network Integration

High-Tech provides integration of networks rather than just installing equipment. We make sure that the hardware is not only properly installed, but that it is also truly integrated and operating within your network environment. All appropriate parts will be designed by our engineers; address scheme, OOB management, protocols, and configuration of hardware / software including software for network management.

Multivendor Experience

High-tech network and system engineers have full experience integrating network products from large suppliers and are able to manage both storage and cloud technologies on LAN / WAN servers.
For multivendor network integration requirements, we will provide our customers with one single point of touch, which in effect would save time and money.

IT Consulting and Value Added Service

IT project execution is followed by service offers, before, during and after the project.

High-Tech consultants carry out a thorough study of the needs of the client in close collaboration with the general management and IT department of the company. The consulting, carried out independently of the manufacturers, covers the platforms, networks and Their solutions. Thanks to their in-depth experience of the new technology on the market, High-Tech Consultants can come up with the best possible ideas. The consultant will also go hand in hand with the audit services. An audit of « environment and infrastructure » allows High Tech to do a preliminary review of the current network and infrastructure in the first phase. A « protection » audit may be conducted, aimed at improving the security policy of the IT environment and systems of the enterprise.

High-Tech possesses all the necessary skills to carry out partial or full software and hardware deployment, regardless of the complexity. High-Tech should also ensure that the delivery and execution of a project follows the cost estimates, deadlines and quality requirements established Such operations are supervised by project managers who establish the procedures of installation and quality control, and organize the activities of all stakeholders.

High-Tech offers maintenance and technical assistance services to help potential approaches, upgrade the network and device software or equipment, fix or repair parts of a datacenter, install new software, etc… These services are available with numerous maintenance and installation options, from basic telephone assistance to the repair of highly complex systems within a set time span, we are ready with immediate on-site support and advanced management of spare parts stocks.

High-Tech offers contract engineers with specialized expertise to organizations that need them for a limited period of time as part of our professional services, and can take over specialized IT functions within organizations that are ready to outsource them.


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