Data Center


Want to establish a Data Center?

High Tech Enterprise offers its clients a complete package IT infrastructure implementation service. We commence by analyzing your existing business management model to enable us to provide you with the IT infrastructure that best suits your company’s needs by identifying software and hardware you require, helping you procure and implement the necessary IT infrastructure, in addition to providing assistance with planning and managing the transition from your existing infrastructure to the developed model.

Insufficiency of Traditional Data Centers

In the current digital era, traditional data centers fail to deliver. Transforming to modular-based data center facilities will help your service delivery, not only at the core of your data centers but also at the edge and for your distributed IT, enabling you to achieve higher levels of flexibility, cost efficiency, and a more agile data center footprint for your on-premises service delivery model.

Looking to develop data center?

As your company grows, so may its needs and it may eventually reach a point where your existing data center solution is no longer able to ccommodate your company’s demands. Whether the reason is to increase capacity to launch new applications or gain access to a wider range of connectivity options, something will trigger your company’s need to consider its IT infrastructure into a new data center environment. Hence, your existing data center business plan will need to be adjusted. Many organizations turn to the benefits of colocation, such as interconnectivity, enhanced security, and scalability, to level up their IT infrastructure.

Once you decide that a data center relocation is necessary, the next step is implementation. However, migration to a new data center can be very challenging and there are aspects that affect every part of a company. High Tech Enterprise is a partner that can assist your company in meeting your needs for commercial flexibility by helping you to plan how you will migrate your equipment into a colocation environment. This requires expertise in migration of hardware, client/server software, networks and data bases as well as network planning, implementation and testing for both internal networks as well external WAN’s, Internet and telephone, a trait that is characteristic of High Tech Enterprise.

Effective and efficient migration demands smart, up-front planning with seamless execution and the High Tech Enterprise data center team is seasoned in affordable smooth and responsive migration. We design and implement server solutions for small & medium-sized businesses to large enterprise customers across different platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix & VMware to serve different applications workload. This includes SQL, Exchange, SharePoint Lync, Oracle, SAP, ERP, etc. We build server solutions with tower, rack, blade, web scale & water cooling and also design and implement converged & hyper-converged systems for unified system management.


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