Power Solutions

Power Solutions

We believe in building exceptional relationships through superior service, best-in-market products, and expert critical power design – assuring our customers the highest level of availability, functionality, and durability. We provide nationwide UPS service with midwest values.

UPS System Design and Site Surveys

A site survey is a critical first step in any UPS system design to ensure the appropriate power solution is in place for your business or facility. High Tech takes the extra time upfront to ensure all power requirements and considerations have been taken into account before designing a data center. A proper UPS data center design is critical to the pre-installation process and prior to equipment selection. With so many options available, numerous questions need to be answered such as power requirements, room layouts, space, floor loading, data center humidity control and room environment. An outline of our process is below.

Project Management by Certified Power Quality Professionals

Custom project solutions require project management by certified power quality professionals. Improper power installations can often cause more problems than improper design, manufacturer selection or service. This is why High Tech places great emphasis for its on-site inspection services.

Data Center Design and Strategy

There are various levels of UPS data center design and construction requirements. Data centers are typically identified by Tier Level. The tier level of a data center is determined by the amount of redundancy that is built into the infrastructure. Tiers consist of Level 1, the most basic, through Level 4, with redundancy throughout. Whether building a new data center, performing a data center upgrade or retrofitting an existing facility, your project will require a mix of data center specific talent and expertise. High Tech has the expertise to manage your project and provide you with a data center strategy that fits your business. We understand the special requirements of mission critical facilities and will create the most cost effective solution that meets the demanding needs of your business.

Battery Maintenance and Replacement for UPS Systems

Batteries are the most critical elements of UPS performance. In fact, battery failure is the number one cause of UPS load loss and system downtime during a power outage or similar interruption. Preventing battery failure is key to ensuring your systems stay running. We are the experts in UPS battery upkeep. We analyze the interaction between batteries and UPS systems to provide facilities with multiple UPS battery maintenance solutions in two important areas: battery testing and battery replacement. Don’t let a battery failure cause an outage.

Full-Service UPS Maintenance Programs

High Tech provides comprehensive uninterruptible power supply maintenance programs for both the small network-ready UPS to the large multi-module systems. Whatever the needs of your power backup system, our routine maintenance service provides around-the-clock peace of mind. Full-service UPS maintenance includes both emergency service and preventative maintenance. Our technicians are on hand 24×7 for any emergency service. We schedule regular preventative maintenance inspections on the UPS and batteries during the contract period. These types of regular inspections are vital to ensuring your power backup system works when you need it most.


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