Disaster Recovery Solutions

Your Plan B when a disaster strike

In the edge of technology that we are living DATA LOSS is unacceptable because of the value of organizational data and inability to recreate it. In order to meet business success strategies then uninterrupted uptime and always availability of critical data must be stable and recoverable.

Better Disaster Recovery approach

Our managed services for Disaster Recovery deliver certified recoveries of complete solutions ready for users to return to work. To be able to certify and therefore guarantee recoveries, all of our solutions are automatically configured to work fully and tested to application level every day to be sure they will work if necessary.

As an insurance form, companies cover against outages or loss of knowledge. The cost of outages or loss of data may be calculated monetarily or as intangible, such as health and safety, market share or credibility. Each organization has a specific risk tolerance, and it’s common for different applications to have different requirements for RTO and RPO.

Disaster recovery works by installing similar server, storage, and network equipment in a secondary location— the site of disaster recovery (DR). Replication software is used to copy the information to the DR database continuously. In the event of a primary site failure or interruption, applications are rebooted at the DR site using the most recent information available.

A single failure point is the risk of loss of data or unavailability of the system. A single device, building, metropolitan area, power grid, flood zone, or hurricane zone all represent a single point of failure. Redundancy and the distance that covers certain points of failure enable the recovery of disasters to keep companies and agencies in service regardless of the cause of the unplanned outage.

How we can help with Disaster Recovery?

High Tech Enterprise provides a business continuity approach designed to avoid data loss and to keep business critical applications available after server failures and major disasters.
To minimize business risk during a crisis, we combine real-replication and managed application delivery. An evolution of disaster recovery that enables a business to be agile enough to respond to any IT based disaster, from single server failure to complete loss of premises.


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